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About Author

Hailing from the vibrant and diverse community of Jamaica, Queens, Christine Benjamin has always been attuned to the nuances of human behavior. Growing up surrounded by a close-knit group of friends, she developed a keen ability to question societal norms and challenge the status quo at a young age. This inquisitive mindset has driven her to explore the complexities of human behavior and empower others to strive for self-improvement. Her extensive life experiences have equipped her with the insight and understanding to guide individuals on their journey toward becoming their best selves.


Christine Benjamin is well-known in the corporate and franchise sectors of the American economy for her expertise as a business strategist and leadership coach. She is the head honcho at Senior Life Enrichment Agency in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, where they run a SaaS system and advertising agency. Ms. Benjamin’s current and prior positions have required her to concentrate on advising for business management, strategic operations, and senior leadership development. As a result of learning experiences through these organizations, Ms. Benjamin has gotten a lot of fulfillment from helping coaches and businesses expand on a global scale.

Ms. Benjamin currently assists business owners on a global and national scale in implementing change within their organizations by equipping employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve their organization’s mission. That is, develop a distinctive identity for your company that can expand with it. Ms. Benjamin is an author, certified coach, speaker, and trainer who works with business owners and corporate leaders to help them better understand themselves and others, learn effective new response strategies, capitalize on their unique strengths, cultivate positive relationships, and realize their professional and personal goals. By implementing coaching programs and guiding her clients to make effective use of the SLEA CRM, Ms. Benjamin has played a crucial role in reshaping organizations. She proves her worth by successfully leading businesses and their people to new heights. Ms. Benjamin welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you, personally, or with your organization and team to develop a mission and vision for your life and how you contribute as a whole person to our society. Ms. Benjamin has been described by her patrons as transformational, strategic, well-informed, possessing competent perceptiveness, interesting, devoted, and engaging.

According to Ms. Benjamin, strategic leadership is essential to the development and success of any business. Her greatest professional satisfaction comes from assisting customers with all facets of technical and operational management on the path to realizing their overarching strategic goals. Her standing as a business mentor is founded on her ability to help her customers and their teams ECLIPSE their goals. Her methods are so powerful that they have contributed to the rapid expansion of numerous companies and nonprofits. Her techniques of communication are interesting and simple, using language that is understandable to everyone in the company regardless of their origin, religion, or ethnicity.

Author Experience

Christine has spent many years studying emotional intelligence, physical communication, and the human psyche. She relies heavily upon her intuition when consulting with clients to tune into their core soul desires. She then helps them uncover the shadowed aspects of their lives. She does this so that they may realize them and grow into better versions of themselves. Over several years of training and teaching, Christine has come to realize that these 6 aspects reviewed in this book The Degrees Of Wellness – Six Rules to Creating a Healthy Union Through Self-Discovery and Personal Growth, are areas that are usually most distorted and hinder people from forming healthy bonds as well as healthy boundaries.

Author Achievements

Christine Benjamin is a well-rounded individual with a diverse set of accomplishments. She holds a degree in Marketing from Long Island University and is a licensed insurance professional. However, her true passion lies in helping others achieve their full potential. As a spiritual and business coach for over 12 years, she has helped numerous individuals unlock their inner potential and reach new heights in their personal and professional lives.
In addition to her coaching practice, Christine is also a dedicated philanthropist. She is the founder of a charity organization that strives to make a positive impact on the community. As a serial entrepreneur, she has also established multiple successful business ventures. Christine believes that tools such as numerology, astrology, human design, destiny cards, reiki, and tarot connect our higher self and spiritual teams that help guide us through life. She incorporates these practices in her coaching sessions to provide a holistic approach to wellness.