Life is a challenge for everyone and they’re our close connections and relationships with each other that make the journey worthwhile. The value of our close ones is usually realized in their absence. This book The Degrees Of Wellness – Six Rules to Creating a Healthy Union Through Self-Discovery and Personal Growth. narrates all the important aspects that can help us maintain healthier bonds with the people around us. The tips within the book serve as guidance to enhance relationships through self-discovery and personal growth. Lucky is the one who has the best people around them, but what about those who aren’t as blessed? Does it mean that they should give up on relationships and settle for a lonesome life? Absolutely not! Most of the times, all we require is self-work which can be really helpful in managing key relationships throughout life. This book by Christine Benjamin guides and instructs you on how you can create healthy union through personal growth and discovering yourself.

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By learning the principles outlined in this book, you will be able to build strong, lasting relationships with those around you. By following the 6 rules included, you can learn to nurture your own growth and create a healthier union with others. With this knowledge, you can learn to better connect with others, foster mutual understanding and respect, and ultimately create a more meaningful experience in your relationships.

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On 12.January 2022.

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