(enhancing lives and wellbeing)

Frequency & duration of workshops (e.g., once a week, every Wednesday, 1-1.5 hours)

Workshops will be held bi weekly on Wednesdays for 2 hours. E-Courses and materials will be available 24 hours a day.

Specific locations where workshops will be held (e.g., hotels, libraries in Toronto etc.)

Workshops will be held via zoom for the first few months until we establish which locations in Canada and in the US would best benefit from our services.

Any facility owned/leased. Please provide related document - lease agreement or mortgage/property tax statement.

In this first year, we intend to primarily operate virtually, until we organically expand in certain markets. At that time of expansion, we will consider locations that would best benefit from our services.

Structure and format of workshops (e.g., 45 min presentation, 30 minutes discussion, 15 mins Q&A etc.)

The workshops will be held via zoom for 2 hours. We will record the sessions and have the replays available. Each workshop will build upon the previous workshop to complete a course. We will advertise for course openings and start them in groups. Courses will include downloadable materials, surveys, videos, live presentations, and group interaction sessions.

Typical topics to be presented.

  1. Mindful meditation
    1. We will be training people on the importance of centering one’s self
      1. the goal is to have people realize and become aware of their temperaments and sources of frustration and how to minimize them to live a more peaceful life
        1. We will have downloadable meditation music as well as guided meditation 
  2. Emotional Stability
    1. We will be showing healthy ways to connect to other people and how to become aware of when we are showing signs of adverse behaviors.
      1. Awareness of our negative behaviors to be able to use tactics that we will train on to mitigate reactions and bring balanced action for resolution.
  3. Financial Stability
    1. Providing job resources and training on the importance of money management
      1. We will hold workshops on entrepreneurial training
      2. Finding your passion to earn an income from what you love to do
      3. We will provide step by step guides on ways to increase your income and ways to invest 
      4. We will be offering digital products such as budgeting sheets and financial planners to assist with staying financially organized.
  4. Mental Health and the importance of addressing mental issues to live a balanced, joyful life and to be a healthy partner to others.
    1. We will provide supporting resources to get the help one needs to talk through issues they are coping with. 
      1. Hotlines
      2. Apps that provide counceling
      3. physicians and doctors.
  5. Physical Fitness 
    1. We will be emphazising the importance of physical health and teaching that our body is our temple. 
      1. We will show how the body and mind are connected
      2. We will cover the importance of keeping the body active 
        1. We want to promote a healthier culture where people are eating better quality of foods and having a better quality of life 
        2. Providing downloadable charts that show various exercises and different difficulty levels so that it’s relatable to everyone. 
          1. The goal is to encourage people to have at least 30 minutes of active training each day.

Please provide sample material/curriculum for the workshops (this helps expedite registration)

Section 1: Emotional Stability 


Course 1: What causes Emotional Instability

Downloadable Content (Reading material to articles or blogs that relate to this topic)

Course 2: How to Recognize Emotional Stability in one’s self

Course 3: How to Recognize Toxic Behaviors

Course 4: What to do to Get out Unhealthy Relationships

Downloadable Content (Help lines / Personal Coache referrals/ Free Resources for help)

Course 5: The Process of Healing and What it Looks Like


Section 2: Financial Independence and the Path to Get There

Course 1: Why is it Important to be Financially Independant?

Course 2: How to Find your Passion in Life to Earn Money While Doing What You Love

Course 3: Keep Your Eyes off of Their Pockets! (You have your own to worry about, and it’s more important)

Eligibility/selection criteria for beneficiaries/participants.

Open to people who are looking to enhance their own personal awareness (mentally, physically and emotionally). This is also for people who are in or moving out of unhealthy relationships and are rebuilding their own self awareness and self worth. We are providing resources for  help if they are in abusive relationships and seeking shelter. Eventually, the goal is to build an in house team of resources (coaches, mentors, physicians, psychiatrists, business coaches, fitness coaches, etc that will provide content to us that we can share through our platform.)

How can participants sign up for the workshops?

We will be advertising these workshops through google and will collect lead forms to be able to contact the people who have opted in and provide them with registration instructions.

Is there a fee to attend?

The workshops are designed to be free. There will be additional materials they people can opt to purchase if desired, but we will not be advertising anything for sale.

What is the goal of the workshops?

To create a society of trustworthy, ethical, and moral people that are empathetic towards each other. We will achieve this by focusing on different areas of life during our segments and offer practical and actionable steps to create noticeable change in how they handle people and situations in life.