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We all have a past filled with traumatic instances and moments that shape us in a way that can never truly be reformed. While a few memories stick with us forever, the impact of those traumatic incidents can be lessened if we find the inner liberation from our past. We all keep trauma hidden inside our skin as if it’s something to be ashamed of.

It is crucial to remind ourselves that our trauma is not an accessory or a trait that will demean our existence, and it does not define us. Every human being endures suffering and pain until they find the courage to recover and heal. Our society often shames people who are suffering from mental illnesses and forces individuals to keep a happy persona regardless of their internal turmoil, which can deepen our trauma in more ways than one.

If our traumas are left untreated, they can cause enormous mental health issues and illnesses that go beyond and deeper than we realize. Think about it like this; if you are dealing with unhealed and untreated trauma, it is as if you are walking with an open wound that continues to bleed. Fighting trauma is not as difficult as it would seem, and it all begins with the first step of acceptance. When we accept our own pain, we can find our pathways aligning with our recovery. The journey to self-reflect and identify our core issues seems like a long, tawdry road that we often find ourselves too busy to take. Yet, once we take a step into our inner healing, we can release ourselves from the enormous burdens that our souls are tired of carrying. And as a result, we will find a soothing balm that will heal our wounds.

Fighting trauma can be an intimidating process for people who have been suffering in silence for a long time. Sometimes we all feel safe in our own being, and asking for help outside of ourselves can feel scary and frightening to us. Though the patterns of healing are hardly linear, this long journey can help us truly understand ourselves and gain self-awareness. No matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel, we all need an introspective look into our own being, both the darkness and the light hiding inside us. We must study our own behaviors and the recurring patterns that are harming our healing. Through this journey, we can often feel triggered by emotions and negative memories, resulting in doubtful scrutiny about the journey. Though the pathway to healing may require digging into the past, healing from our past can set us free in the present moment.

Finding our own liberation from the internal anguish and pain should be our only goal through our intense battle with our trauma. When we remember how beautiful healing can feel, we realize what’s at stake if we stay in the same place forever. We realize that our existence does not revolve around survival and that we were created for a higher purpose that we must serve. And until we heal from the traumas holding us back, we will never be able to find our divine purpose and the liberation our souls deserve.

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